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Steven R. Penn was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He received his AB from the University of Chicago in 1986 and his JD from DePaul University College of Law in 1990. He was admitted to the Illinois bar in 1991 and Wisconsin bar in 1997. He is also admitted to all federal district courts in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals and is a member of the Federal Trial Bar. In 2017 Steven also gained admission to the Oregon state bar and Washington state bar.

Steven began practicing with a law firm, which spun off from the legendary Leonard M. Ring & Associates, a premiere plaintiff’s personal injury firm in Chicago. Early on Steven was involved in products liability cases in the Seventh Circuit Federal Court as well as successfully arguing an appeal before the Illinois First Appellate District Court.

Between 1991 and 1995 Steven’s practice areas were primarily medical malpractice and products liability, always on behalf of injured parties. During this time he was lead trial counsel on eight cases in both state and federal court. He also presented oral argument in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, which was ultimately successful in remand to the state court system.

In early 1995 Steven began practicing occupational lung disease, primarily the asbestos-related disease mesothelioma. He also was involved in welding fume litigation and was involved in a federal trial representing workers injured by breathing welding fumes.

In 1998 Steven opened his own practice and has been on his own or in partnership ever since. The focus of his work has been asbestos related lung disease and silica related lung disease.

Since 1998 Steven’s asbestos clientele has been primarily mesothelioma victims. As these clients generally have short life expectancy rates and each deserves a great deal of attention, he has kept his practice small to offer the individual attention each client and their family deserves.

In 2002, 2003 and again in 2007 Steven was asked to speak at the annual national convention of plaintiffs asbestos lawyers, and was in 2003 appointed by the US Department of Justice to serve on an asbestos committee involved in the bankruptcy proceedings of the manufacturing company of joint compounds, and plasters for Sears, Roebuck & Co.

Steven has also been involved in silica based respirator litigation in Wisconsin and Illinois. He is co-counsel with attorneys who are the first in the state of Wisconsin to do such work, representing foundry workers who unknowingly used defective respiratory equipment and suffer lung disease as a result. This project is unique in Wisconsin and has been successful on appeal in the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Steven also provides pro bono services to animal welfare and advocacy organizations. In 2009 he began serving as local counsel to an animal rights advocacy group to obtain records documenting cruel and unnecessary testing being conducted on animals at the university laboratory.  This suit ultimately resulted in the release of hundreds of documents.

Steven formed the partnership Penn Rakauski in 2004 and continues to represent victims of asbestos and silica-related diseases with partner Jill Rakauski with whom he has worked with since 2002.

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