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stevenSteven Penn in the News



Steven R. Penn in the news...

University of Illinois Harangued on Its Beagles, June 29, 2016
Courthouse News Services - University of Illinois is keeping the public in the dark about what happen to dogs in its research labs

PETA official arrested at UW-Wisconsin Regents Meeting, February 7, 2013
JS Online - Actor James Cromwell Arrested Thursday

PETA files complaint against UW Madison for animal mistreatment, September 12, 2012
WI State Journal - Mistreatment of Cats in UW Research
PETA.org - Double Trouble at UW-Madison

Appearance on the Mike Nowak Radio Show on
August 5, 2012
Discussed frac sand mining at Starved Rock State Park (Illinois) and the hazards associated with silica sand.
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Open Records lawsuit filed to obtain documentation behind laboratory testing of animals on April 5, 2010 University Lab Is Hell for Animals
PETA complaint against UW Madison

June, 2002...
$2,100,000 settlement, Winnebago County
Atty. Steven R. Penn. Male-69 allegedly developed malignant pleural mesothelioma ($200,000 medical expenses) due to exposure to defts' asbestos-containing home remodeling products. Contributions by each of several defts are confidential.

June, 2002...
$602,000 Verdict, Winnebago County
Atty. Steven R. Penn. Estate claims plaintiff developed malignant pleural mesothelioma which caused his death in April of 1999 at age 73, due to exposure to defts' asbestos-containing home remodeling products...

Appeared in the Cook County Jury Verdict Reporter:
September, 2001...
$1,827,100 settlement, Will County -
Atty. Steven R. Penn. Female-59 real estate sales person was exposed to defts' asbestos-containing building products, and developed malignant mesothelioma, which caused her death in 1997 ($40,000 in medical expenses) was paid by US Gypsum, WR Grace, Armstrong World Industries, and GAF, Inc.

Appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on January 21, 2001...
Lawsuit: Workers sickened, killed by silica dust - It targets sand producer, manufacturers of safety equipment

"Southeastern Wisconsin foundry workers suffered irreversible lung damage, and even death, after being exposed to dangerous levels of silica dust through defective respiratory masks, according to a lawsuit filed in Milwaukee County Circuit Court."

Appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
on Dec. 19, 2000...

"Lawyer's TV ads attract ill foundry workers"

"The Chicago attorney, Steven Penn, insists he has screened the current and former foundry workers and is representing only those who appear to have credible evidence of silicosis, a debilitating lung disease, or similar problems."

"The TV ads were necessary, he said, because many foundries closed in the 1980s and many workers are not unionized and thus not easily reachable, he said."

But the Wisconsin Supreme Court, in deciding to allow such advertising, determined that the benefits outweigh the risks.

"Advertising involves an active quest for clients, contrary to the tradition that a lawyer should not seek clientele," the court said about advertising. "However, the public's need to know about legal services can be fulfilled in part through advertising. This need is particularly acute in the case of persons of moderate means who have not made extensive use of legal services. The interest in expanding public information about legal services ought to prevail over considerations of tradition."

Appeared in the Morris Daily Herald:
January 31, 2000...

Settlement reached for a 70 year old victim.
Settlement Reached in Suit over Abestos Exposure

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